Zapfino font free download

Zapfino font free download: Zapfino is one of our favorite calligraphic typeface designed for Linotype in 1998 by German type designer Hermann Zapf.

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Zapfino originated from Zapf sketchbook which was penned way back in 1944 by the designer.

Zapf was delayed working on the project alongside Siegel when Siegel decided to leave the project and start a new career due to a broken relationship with his Girlfriend.

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Zapf courageously drove the zapfino design and it was ready to be submitted to Linotype and later released in 1998.

Zapfino font

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Zapfino is made up of four alphabets with lots of dingbats and stylish alternates to easily come up with a well emulated and varied handwritten calligraphy.

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Zapfino font has since being used by the tech giant Apple inc. In her Mac OS and iOS to showcase advanced typography and open type technology.

New Zapfino calligraphy now includes 1400 glyphs with more much more bigger letters than the Linotype version.

The most famous typefaces of Professor Zapf were Palatino and Optima, designed in 1942 and 1952 respectively.


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