VAG Rounded Font Free Download

VAG Rounded font free download: VAG Rounded font is a geometric sans serif typeface corporately designed for the German car manufacturer Volkswagen AG motor.

vag rounded 1295889631 - VAG Rounded Font Free Download

Rundschrift in German means ’round writing’ and used to name the VAG rounded font since it has rounded termini on all strokes.

The car maker Volkswagen has put an end to the use of this font since early 1990s and has since then been available for public use licensed through Abode Systems.

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VAG Rounded Font Family

But What could the acronym VAG mean?

VAG full meaning was never discolsed by Volkswagen. However, there have being many propositions that VAG could mean “Volkswagen AG” since the official name of the company at that time was “Volkswagenwerk AG” to “Volkswagen Audi Group.”


Alternative font: Google font: Varela Round

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