200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates (2018 compilation)

Our compilation of 100 t-shirt mockups is no doubt the best you can get online. We have handpicked the best t-shirt mockups and PSD templates to help your design your projects.

These compilation consists of various types and design of t shirts and also feature other apparels that are popular in the fashion industry.

You will find t-shirt mockups, hoodies mockup, tank tops mockup, sweat shirt mockups, singlet mockups and many more.

More than 90% of the t-shirt mockups published here are licensed to be used freely by designers who make them even for commercial and personal use.

However, it is still important for you to do due diligence by finding out the type of licence that comes with the mockup before using any of the t-shirt mockups.

Simply because all t-shirt mockups published here are properties of respective designers and therefore reserved.

So be sure to clarify things before use.

They are created by designers for designers, or perhaps you are looking for some ideas or inspirations for your new fashion line or may be you are a entrepreneur who owns an ecommerce store and needs attractive product pictures designsed for your online store then this is your best go-to resource for elegant t shirt mockups.

T-shirt mockups are photorealistic t-shirt graphics design that helps you to see how a design fits in well to a t-shirt without necessarily having to print it before seeing the real perspective of the design.

Some t-shirt mockups are won by real people who are usually fashion models, this is a great way to do a realistic presentation to your customers and clients so they can see what the design look like.

Rather in some cases, the t-shirt mockups are showcased in a photographic manner where they appear on white or coloured backgrounds showing only the t-shirt design alone.

This types of t-shirt mockup PSD templates are suitable for displaying on online stores for those who want brilliant product images for their store.

T-shirt mockups comes in PSD templates that are editable and extensively customizable using Photoshop; the most advanced photo editing tool ever.

Those who have a dropshipping business or run their own clothing line usually depends on costly-print-on demand services or other costlier means to run their business, this method is usually more expensive for any business, imagine if you have to pay for thousands of products to design or photograph their mockups, you need a more cost effective and time efficient means and that is just by using t-shirt mockup PSD templates to create your designs.

For the sake of this posts, we need to divide the t-shirt mockups in to categories.

  • There are ones you can easily generate online using some online tools, they are called online t-shirt mockup generators. They allow you to add up your logo or design online and on the go generate your mockups usually for a fee or free.
  • The second type which is most popular are downloadable t-shirt mockup PSD template files that can be edited in Photoshop.

Online t-shirt mockup generators

Place.it (Premium)

Place.it is a premium mockup generator not just t-shirt mockups for just about any mockup you may want generate.

It is a web application for those who are not familiar with using PC editing tools like Photoshop.

The web tool allow you to quickly insert your own design in any of the available t-shirt mockup templates to quickly generate your own designs in a jiffy.

This is a great tool for online t shirt store owners who want to create beautiful product mockups for their online store.

No delays, no disappointment! Just add in your designs, do a few tweaks and your design is ready for a fee.

You will have access to various designs and very simple to use t shirt mockup generator.

Printful (free)

Printful as the name sounds is an online solution to print on demand products for your store or startup but more than that they as well offer t-shirt mockup generator tool, and the most dazzling too about their mockup generator is it is completely free to use making it a better option against place.it for small business starters and individuals.

You’ll never need t know how to use Photoshop to use this tool, all you need do is: choose ideal t-shirt templates from the vast designs available, upload your design or logo and print directly from them.

Their collections of t-shirt mockup templates includes model wearing t-shirts on transparent backgrounds.

Shirt mockup

Shirt mockup is another great T-Shirt mockup generator web app off individuals and small online store owners who wants to quickly and easily generate t-shirt mockups for their stores without having to use a PC editing tool.

Shirt mockup does it as well as a PC editing tool will do it, all you need do is add in your own designs, pick from two of the shirt designs, choose a shirt color, rotate your design to fit the t-shirt all for free.

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PrintAura T-shirt mockups

This is another free online t-shirt mockup generator online, it works like every other mockup generators we featured above.

All you need is visit the link, choose a t-shirt design, upload your logo or design then play around color to come up with your own t-shirt mockup.

The tool is absolutely free of cost to use

T-shirt mockup PSD templates

Hoodie mockup PSD template

hoodie mockup psd 2 graphicburger1610685605 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

A photorealistic hoodie mockup templates that comes in high resolution with a kangaroo pocket with front and back view. Smart object included in the downloadable PSD and comes with a free license for personal and commercial use.

T-shirt mockup PSD template

t shirt mockup psd 4 graphicburger2118311545 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This monochrome neck t-shirt mockup PSD is an elegant way to showcase your designs in a real-life projection.

The downloadable PSD files consists of front and back perspectives plus smart layer included so you can add your own designs easily.

Use freely on personal and paid projects.

Free hoodie mockup

58837839 free hoodie mock up1226021341 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This free hoodie mockup is an Levant way to showcase your artistic designs to clients or in s presentation. The PSD file is well layered so you can add your design in a jiffy. Download freely and use on personal or paid projects.

Premium Quality Hoodie mockup PSD

free hoodie mockup mockupcloud1799788710 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This a cool hoodie mockup for super realistic design projection. This hoodie mockup showcases new York logo design and it look cool, but sure with your design in there it should look cooler.

You can as well extensively customize the laces and zip to suit your design needs.

Download freely and use on your commercial and personal projects.

Men long sleeve t-shirt mockup PSD

men longsleeve 2 free psd mockups1726013795 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This is long sleeve t-shirt mockup for men that comes in 2 PSD photorealistic high resolution of 4000x3200px. Smart layer included to help you easily add in your own designs. It is free for commercial and personal use.

Crewneck sweatshirt mockup PSD

mens crewneck sweatshirt mockups311873999 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This crewneck sweatshirt mockup comes in 2 brilliant views and extensively customizable. Use smart layer to insert your own design. Free for personal and commercial usage.

Cool t-shirt mockup template

t shirt mockup psd mrmockup880618899 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This t-shirt mockup PSD template can be a brilliant way to exemplify a graphic art or showcase a logo design to clients or in a presentation.

Easily change the color of shirt as you need and insert your design with smart object.

Licensed for personal and commercial purposes.

Kid t-shirt mockup templates

baby t shirt psd mockup1842876354 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

There are not lots of kid’s t-shirt on the internet that are free. This cool baby t-shirt mockup template might just be it, it comes in well layered high resolution PSD file.

Just add in your designs with smart object and you’re good to go.

Feel free to download and use on unlimited projects.

Cool metropolitan t-shirt mockup templates

3753008 free t shirt mockup urban edition367222980 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This urban t-shirt mockup is realistic high resolution PSD mockup ideal fro presenting your design in stykish and elegant way.

Just insert your design and save in smart object. Use freely on commercial or personal projects.

Pocket t-shirt mockup PSD template

pocket t shirt psd mockup graphicburger1435133665 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

How about a photorealistic pocket t-shirt mockup? It is a suitable t-shirt mockup to showcase your products online or present to client as a prototype. It has a front and back showcase and the downloadable PSD file is well layered making it easy to add your own design in no time.

Download this freebie and use as part of any project as you may need.

Free t-shirt mockup templates design

52117429 t shirt mockup1739063754 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This t-shirt mockup design is simple and elegant, the design perspective is brilliant and anyone will live and first sight. It works perfect for minimal graphic design like the ‘S’ design in the pic.

It is very photorealistic and customizable, you can change colors to get color varieties, you can as well move the designs to any part of the t-shirt or better still, change the background to something more attractive.

But the license status of this freebie is not clarified by designer.

T-shirt mockup free PSD

free tshirt mockup psd graphicsfuel2113245032 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This a cool t-shirt mockup to exemplify your work in an attractive way. The PSD template comes in high resolution and smart object enable so you can insert your design itch-free. Use freely on all projects,attribution required.

Polo t-shirt PSD mockup template

polo shirt psd mockup1774497073 - 200 Best T-Shirt Mockups PSD Templates  (2018 compilation)

This one of the brilliant polo t-shirt mockups you will find, owing to the fact it is extensively customizable , out can change the collar and button colors add design to sleeve and body.

Free for both commercial and personal purposes.


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