Optima font free download

Optima font free download

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Optima font free download: Rejected German theorist and American accepted type design Professor Hermann Zapf designed Optima font in 1958 and released by stempel.

Optima is a flared sans-serif font inspired by classic roman capitals and stonecarving period of 1950.

Optima got redesigned by the professor alongside Akira Kobayashi after 50 years of first sketch and that gives birth to the Optima nova and redesign of the Optima family.

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Optima has a 9 open type features which was designed while Zapf was travelling the Santa Croce church in Florence.

But Zapf happened to dislike the name given the font which was invented by marketers at Stempel.

Optima was designed to be a typeface suitable for both headings and titles as proved by Zapf in his own book About Alphabets.

You can freely download Optima font here for free and use on your paid and personal projects.


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