Logitech MX Master Mouse: Full Review

Here is my full review of the Logitech MX Master mouse. Now some of you might remember just before the holidays, Logitech sent over a ton of gear, and I did a product haul, and I also picked up some new things from Logitech for myself.


Logitech Mx Master 2s Full Review

Logitech Mx Master 2s Full Review

Now, the MX Master mouse is something that they sent over, that’s been really helping me with wrist strain, and I got rid of the Apple Magic mouse because this thing is that good. This thing is tremendous, the difference between using it, night and day.

I will say hands down, this is probably the most comfortable mouse that I’ve ever used. I’ve been able to use it for hours back to back without any problems and with it out, and without it bothering my wrist at all.

So that was something really good, and I’m really happy that they sent that over for me, to be able to do the review, show you guys, and I’ve just been enjoying the heck out of this mouse. Also, as a video editor, the thumb scroll wheel, and being able to just like go through my timeline in Premiere Pro, that’s been super helpful for me in terms of productivity.

It also has a gesture pad. These things make this mouse very unique, it is comfortable, and I feel like it was almost custom and tailor-made for me. It feels very firm, it is wireless, and with the Logitech bluetooth technology, I can actually use the same wireless dongle in my Mac to power my K800 keyboard, my illuminated backlit keyboard, and other Logitech devices. I think I can do, up to ten devices I can pair to this, and that’s amazing.

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So that’s super convenient, I love that it can do that, I love that it can work with both my Mac and my PC. If I was on a newer Mac, I wouldn’t even need the wireless dongle because it could use Smart Bluetooth. This is an older Mac, so that could be an issue, but if you’re on anything that’s a current Mac model, you’ll be more than fine there. This mouse is smooth, it’s responsive, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

I really just can’t go back. I can’t use the Apple Magic mouse. I just can’t. I can’t deal with it after having used this mouse. It is that good of an experience, and as many people know, Mac users go on and on about user experience.

I use both Mac and PC, and I will tell you, the user experience of hardware matters too, not just operating systems and software. User experience matters, comfort matters, when it comes to something that you’re going to use everyday, and I like the fact that I don’t feel like I’m abusing my hands and my wrist in order to use this product.

So, thank you Logitech for sending this over, this is a product that I’m actually going to give five out of five stars, because I am going to save so much money by not having carpal tunnel, or repetitive stress injury, so thank you for that, and yes, five out of five stars for this thing, go and get one today.

That does help me out, it costs you nothing extra, and it’s just a great product. There’s a reason why almost every tech person on YouTube is raving about the MX Master mouse, so do yourself and your wrist a favor, and just get one.

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