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How to create your own avatar – Avatars are trending we see them a lot in movies, news and almost everywhere online.

They are animated faces, they started getting popular after the movie Avatar came out in 2009, your avatar is your virtual representation in a 3D character.

There are lots of tools, apps and websites that can actually help you create your own avatar in a complete and interactive manner.

If you want to quickly turn your images to an artistic 3d character here are the best avatar creators online.

These are the 20 best avatar creators online in that they come packed with lots of features that will help you to quickly get started and in no time create your own avatar.

20 Best Avatar creator websites online

1. Avachara

2. Face your manga

3. Marvel Superhero avatar maker

4. My Blue Robot


6. Montagraph

7. Portrait illustrator

8. Meez

9. Gravatar

10. Picassohead

11. DoppelMe

12. Cartoonify

13. South park avatar


15. Vonvon mini

16. Funk avatar Design

17. Bitmoji

20. Petlandia

21. Twinkl avatart creator

22. Voki avatar maker

3 Best Advance Avatar Softwares

1. Second Life (Windows)

The grandpap of them all is second life. It can adeptly turn you into a multiverse of different virtual worlds.

Second life was designed by Linden Lab in 2003 to be second life, a3D virtual world that allows users to connect, chat and do a lot of other fun filled things.

It id filled with exhibitions, concerts, landscapes and other things you would expect to see in the real world to interact in this digital environment you need to create your own avatar, which you can do with loads of different options to get start plus possibility of buying premium components created by the community.

There is an in-game currency Linden’s. This remains one of the most customizable avatar creators

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2. Zoobe (iOS | Android)

Another great app to create your own avatar is zoobe.

Zoobe which is available on Android, iOS and Amazon. Zoobe gives you loads of custom characters to choose ranging from animation span from graceful to sexy, to get started just record your voice in the application, it will adapt to lip-sync your word to the animation soxas to deliver your message as realistic as achievable.

On Zoobe, you can as well socially network with others by sharing your own photos, collaborating on ideas and appreciating each other’s creations.

3. FaceRig (Windows)

FaceRig is one of the best avatar apps to create your own custom avatars.

When it comes to making your own avatar, FaceRig will leave you open-mouthed. FaceRig is a PC software that uses your PC webcam and face recognition technology to convert your expressions and movements to create your own avatar on the go.

There are dozens of default faces you can choose from, or perhaps, if you are someone with creativity-impatience, you can quickly create your own avatars using its many available editing tools.

You can record video messages or make calls to make your own avatar.

10 Best Avatar creator android apps

1. VeeMee

This fun avatar creator app is for RPG game lovers. Veemee allows you to create a fun character that can be animated. The app comes with a handful of tweak that allows you to modify a basic character to suit your own.

2. Miitomo (iOS | Android)

This one is from the popular Japanese game technology company Nintendo. Miitomo allows you to quickly create your own anime character in the Nintendo Mii style that looks just like you want.

Project shut down by Nintendo 5/9/2018.

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