Graphic Design Trends of 2018

I have showcased the likely web design trends to expect in 2018, now We are going to explore some of 2018 Graphic design trends.

I’m going to give you five of the most popular design trends that I believe are going to be in 2018.

The way that I’ve worked these out as to how these are going to be designed trends, is by seeing what companies are doing and seeing what other big international massive companies are doing that will spark an interest in to other people.

I was right last year about a lot of the things that I thought I was going to see, more of this year and see a lot of the trends that we’re gonna take place but I think I’m gonna give it another go this year and basically give you my thoughts on the trends of 2018 not just in logo design but in the whole design ecosystem.

Graphic design Trends of 2018

1. Creative Typography

The first major design trend we’re going to see in 2018 is creative typography.

Creative typography is nothing new, this sort of became a major trend, a few years ago, but then we’re going to see more leaps and bounds at this year with more people illustrating typography and taking an interest in typography.

In general we’re going to see a lot more companies using creative elements of InDesign type, what I’m not talking about is hand lateral calligraphy, I’m talking about design type of typography which is the use of fonts in different compositions to create cool compositions and be generally creative with them.

We’re probably going to see a lot more dripping text as well this year which is something that I’ve just seen online over the past few months in the last sort of half of 2017 we’ve seen a lot of dripping text and I believe we’re gonna see a lot of that as well this year within crazy typography

We’re going to see a lot of type that has got parts of it missing, so a lot of serif typefaces that we’ve got things missing out of it like the thin parts, we’re also going to see a more creative variation of colors use of in type and the way that people paint it for different companies.

Companies going to be using these to market towards consumers to really entice them into the product.

2. Double Exposures

The second huge graphic design trend of 2018 I believe is going to be double exposure.

This came slightly trendy over the past few years but I think we’re gonna see more creative avenues with double exposure, there are so many images that are coming out this year that we can see, more and more designers are using it, and I think we’re going to peak at 2018 with many more designers around the world using this in their portfolios.

Things that you can create with double exposure are just incredible and they look so natural and so artistic that a company’s going to be using them to market their products.

Out of that double exposure trend we’re going to see other trends taking place, like a sub trend with in double exposure to create something really cool and awesome, that’s not just a stereotypical double exposure.

3. 3D Designs

The third trend I believe we’re going to see a lot tomorrow and it’s kind of a definite one is 3d designs.

I mean VR and AR virtual reality is really going to take off in this next year as mobile phones, like the iPhone 10 and other mobile devices and more headsets are coming out and becoming more consumer available.

This is what I believe VR is going to take a new leap, we’re going to see people innovating with it and because of that we’re going to see a lot of designers, graphic designers and games and is using VR this year.

I know it’s kind of a simple case of just looking at where we’re going, but it’s something that we need to think about, the amount of creative application you can use of VR is just incredible, so keep VR, AR and everything else on your mind when it comes to 3D.

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3D is going to take off massively not only in VR and AR but it’s going to take off massively in the general design world.

They’re going to be creating more 3D objects for branding and making it look realistic and creating models of our logos and things like that.

4. More Vivid colors

The fourth trend that I believe we’re will definitely see this year because we’ve already started seeing it and it’s something that I knew was going to happen as soon as Instagram changed their branding and their sort of branding colors is more vivid colors.

A few months ago when YouTube changed their branding they actually changed their logo, ever so slightly that the red is even more red and some of you guys say it’s more true silly red and it is obtrusive, it looks very red but by hell does it stand out on your computer monitor.

They actually increased the brightness of the red to the full RGB red on the RGB slider thing so a lot of you find it very difficult to look up, but it does stick out at you and you can tell what it is it’s the YouTube play button.

If you guys listen to a lot of music you’re probably seen Spotify as well changing their color to a more vivid color and I believe we’re going be seeing a lot more companies creating more vivid colors kind of like MasterCard and stuff like that.

We’re seeing more and more companies using vivid colors in their branding so it’s more identifiable and attention-grabbing in this hugely saturated marketplace we’re in.

So I don’t believe we’re going to see many pastel colors this year, I believe we’re going to see a lot of vivid bright colors, very colorful.

All year round in 2018 more and more companies are going to be using that as well as gradients. I believe we’re going to see more gradients and different forms of gradients.

Not just the linear Zoar but the radials and the reverse gradients is well in branding and the reason behind this is because we’re such a flat Saphira of designer everything so flat we like to create a bit of color dimension.

Would you like not do casting actual shadows in your work but using colors to represent nuts and give more depth into the brand.

I’m not talking about logo design particularly, I’m talking more about companies and what they’re trying to do, especially social media companies.

5. Geometric Shapes & Patterns

The last design term that I believe we’re going to see in 2018 more of is geometric shapes and patterns.

Over the past five years designers has started to use geometric shapes more often as a literal representation of their designs.

So what I mean by that is that the attribute polygons and they actually put squares, circles, triangles and all these geometric shapes in their design work to show an element of technology, simplicity and playfulness and just create some cool patterns.

This year I believe we’re going to see not just more geometric shapes but more 3D geometric shapes.

I’ve been seeing this on Behance quite a lot and I’ve been seeing it not only there but just on Google and the whole design sphere.

You learn a lot by working out what trends are picking up, these are all things that are created through the community, creating and inspiring to another person in the community.

We’re going to see a lot more line of work as well within this year, so I’m making it a point in my portfolio to:

1. update it

2. To create more geometric line and patterns because I think they can be really cool and they’re really interesting to the eye, especially when it’s in apparel.

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