Gotham font download FREE for designers

Gotham font download free– We will be featuring a household name in the font family today, and that is Gotham font, this font is New York specific and very American font, it has a proven track record, we may not be able to cover all here, but we will sure cover some. Gotham is a family to the popular sans serif, and its designed in year 2000 by an American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones.

Gotham font download free

It comes in almost 5 variations which are; Gotham X-Narrow, Gotham Bold, Gotham Rounded, Gotham Condensed, Gotham Narrow. The font has quickly gain recognition in the united states and has made notable appearances such as in the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign, 2016 federal election and more.

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Gotham is a wide font that has been widely used in the world of marketing, in fact, it is one of the most popular business fonts, it jas been used by several bands like Coca Cola and other notable companies of the world as part of their marketing campaigns, the font official font of Michigan state university and New York university.

Gotham font download FREE

Gotham font FREE download for designers

Using Gotham in your clients project will showcase you as an experienced and professional designer. Feel free to download Gotham font/Typeface and use as part of your commercial and personal projects.

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