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Gill sans font free download; gill sans font belongs to the serif family typeface and named after designer Eric Gill in 1926 when a new bookstore was opened in Bristol by Cleverdon Douglas. Gill painted on the windows sans serif capitals a fascia and 2 years later the British branch of monotype released the Gill Sans font to the public.

Gill designed a sketch for Cleverdon so he can use to put up notices and announcement in his bookshop, later Gill fine tuned his design to a typeface on the commission of Stanley Morison of monotype who expected the design to be an effective competing force against the sans-serif Erbar typeface, Kabel families, and futura which were newly launched German typefaces in the 1920s.

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Gill sans stems from monumental Roman uppercase and lowercase in traditional serif “old style” letters making gill sans comes with a distinct design from other geometric sans serif typefaces like futura which has it’s design rooted in simple squares and circles.

Free alternative font lato.


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