Frutiger font free download

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Frutiger font free download- Frutiger font or rather typefaces is designed by one of the most popular swiss typeface designer, Adrian Frutiger and released in 1976.

Frutiger is adapted from humanist Sans Serif typeface with the intent to make suitable for body of text and distance readable text.

Other designers like Steve Mattesson and Erik Spikermann has quickly remarked that Frutiger is worth to be called the coolest general typeface around.

There is a more recent variation of the frutiger typeface, frutiger Next which was commercially unveiled under Linotype in year 2000.

Frutiger has been featured and used in several works and by many different institutions and organizations around the globe. Companies like Amtrek, Aviva, Bandai Namco uses Frutiger in their branding and general organizational makeup.

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Academic institutions like university of Iceland, Ohio university, Herriot Watt University and more has chosen Frutiger font has their official typefaces.

Frutiger font free download

As a designer, you can give your clients a world class recognition with these fonts by using it as part of their projects, it will showcase your professionalism and level of experience.

It is suitable for heavy text writing especially suitable for web design projects.

Download this font now and let me see how it fits in your projects.


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