Franklin Gothic Font Free Download

Franklin Gothic font free download; Franklin Gothic font originated in 1902 by Morris Fuller Benson (1872 – 1948).

The font which shares some concept with the sans-serif typeface with Gothic contemporary meaning sans-serif.

Franklin Gothic and related types have being used in several publications as body of text and headlines.

Franklin Gothic font has find it’s way into series on uncountable magazine pages, used in lots of advertisements media, billboards and much.

It has since grown to be a high profile go-to-font for many publications. A few of the features that make the Franklin Gothic preferred include it being the extra bold sans-serif typeface, it draws from 23 foundries models consolidated to American Type Founders in the nienteenth century models.

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Franklin Gothic Font

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Franklin Gothic font was arguably influenced by Berthold’s Akidenz-Grotesk types but no substantial evidences to affirm the theory not until Rob carter a professor of typography and Graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth University and Philip Baxter Meggs, a professor, graphic designer and historian proved the theory supporting with factual evidences.

Download the Franklin Gothic font free and use in your personal or commercial projects as you may need.


Fonts similar to Franklin Gothic are:

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