20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Today I will be sharing 20 of the most elegant free wedding fonts to give your design a edge.

You will agree with me that there are lots of stress associated with planning a wedding, we want to help you cut the stress and also save time you will need to start searching the pages of the web for the right wedding font.

The web may be filled with lots of fonts, many to the extent that you can get confused and frustrated choosing which is right, it’s why we wrote this guide to help you choose the perfect wedding fonts.

You need understand that Making wedding cards or wedding invitations without the perfect wedding font is like removing the sweet in a honey.

An elegant wedding font when used on your wedding designs brings some sort of liveliness and attraction.

Beautiful things are food for the eye , when the perfect wedding font is used in your wedding invitation and other designs then it is hard to go unnoticed or unattended.

It is why I have compile the best free wedding fonts for your use, especially if you’re doing the design yourself.

Many sacrifice legibility when picking a wedding font for their design, it is important that your wedding font is legible enough for readers, to avoid them getting frustrated reading the wordings.

Italics and bolded words don’t fit all wedding fonts, so if you hope to use it, it will be nice to see how that may fit well into your designs before you eventually decide to use them in that manner. The best way to go about this is to make a print of the font on a blank black and white paper to see how it looks on prints versus on your PC screen.

Another important thing is the texture of the card or invitation you’re using, so be sure to do some testing before massive prints using any wedding font.

Calligraphy, script and cursive fonts are used for modern elegant wedding style, and there are quite a free number of them. In the other way round if your wedding style is more of casual then you can use something more interesting and less stuffy.

20 elegant free wedding fonts

1. Carolina mountains free wedding font

download63621668 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Carolina mountains is a truely elegant calligraphy script font suitable for wedding designs. It comes in capital and small letters making it a fit for an outdoor or causal wedding style.

2. Piyon script paired with Forum for perfect wedding design

download 1857595124. - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Piyon script is another elegant calligraphy font suitable for a royal wedding style. It you need to give your wedding a classic style then try the Piyon script with serif type forum and you will never regret that.

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3. Coneria script font

download871806576 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Another brilliant free wedding font script type suitable for just about any type of wedding style is font coneria. This elegant script font brings a formal look plus the option to download the slanted version available on dafont.

4. Angelface font

5. Print clearly

6. Brotherhood script

7. Lemon milk font

8. Jenna Sue font free wedding font

jeanna sue free wedding fonts 58ff932c5f9b581d595ea39d112258457 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

If your want a romantic style wedding, colored with flowers and formal the Jenna Sue font can be a great pick. It will sure come out brilliant on your invitations, and other wedding designs.

9. BlackJack font free wedding font

blackjack free wedding fonts 58ff92eb5f9b581d595e9b8c1859755247 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

For a fun-filled wedding with smiling guests the black jack font can be am elegant choice for your DIY wedding designs.

10. Exmouth font

exmouth free wedding fonts 58ff92aa5f9b581d595e9320973799080 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

If you want a more readable and legible script font suitable for your wedding designs, then the exmouth font can come in handy, it comes in upper and lowercase letters, punctuations and suitable for just about any wedding style.

11. Alex Brush font as a wedding font

alex brush free wedding fonts 58ff92385f9b581d595e7d09963111207 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Alex Brush is a calligraphy font made available on font squirrel and comes with lots of beautiful edges suitable for the perfect wedding design needs owing to the fact that it is easy to read being a formal script.

12. Great vibes font

great vibes free wedding fonts 58ff92073df78ca1596fe72f742908837 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Be it a formal wedding or a casual relaxed one, the great vibes font will fit in well for your design needs. It flows well keeping readers engaged every step.

13. Windsong font

windsong free wedding fonts 58ff92755f9b581d595e8a4c744697218 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Windsong might be a good pick for those who like to get creatively unique by using this beautiful calligraphy font to slash a more beautiful look on your wedding designs.

14. Respective font

respective free wedding fonts 58ff91cd3df78ca1596fda93344318906 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Respective font is a highly readable and elegant font that will suit well wedding invitation and other wedding designs due to its brilliant flourishes. It is available in both swashes and slanted option. Download free on fontspace.

15. Freebooter font

freebooter free wedding fonts 58ff91803df78ca1596fcb461407985839 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

If you want a true script font that reflects elegance, love and nature beauty then the freebooter script font is the ideal one. With being contemporary font it can suit well all of your wedding designs. It’s popularity has made it an all time choice for most designers when it comes to wedding stationery designs.

16. Baroque Script

baroque free wedding fonts 58ff91215f9b581d595e48391088914580 - 20 Elegant Free Wedding Fonts

Another brilliant wedding font we recommend is the baroque script font from 1001 free fonts. It’s readable and will do well on your wedding stationeries.

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