Brand Management Job Description

Brand Management Job Description

Brand Management Job Description

Brand management job description:  As a brand manager you are coordinating sales to needs of senior leadership all the way down to what you have to do from a medical or regulatory perspective and in a legal sense, a lot of those departments don’t speak the same language as one another but you need buy-in from multiples of those departments in order to move anything forward.

You have to be really good in getting people who speak fundamentally different languages to speak the same language so everybody can align. It’s really more about communication, same thing goes with speaking up words to senior leadership, some of the things that you do have to roll directly into reports that go into senior leadership meetings and they don’t need the fine details of everything, that you should do, they need the top-line and the business drivers and the things that they care about.

So learning what’s important to senior leadership and being able to create concise clear stories about that becomes paramount for anybody in brand management role.

The typical day in the life of a brand manager is nothing but meetings all day long, there’s back to back to back meetings because you do have to try and push so many different initiatives forward at the same time.

In the first year rolls you’re somewhat isolated from those pieces to a degree that you get a little bit more leeway to step out of some of these meetings. Do you best work of diving into the numbers, understand what’s going on with the health of the business and the trends that are happening on the business.

Be able to create a succinct story around that’s going to make sense to senior leadership, they want to know where they business is and what the future holds, how they can be affected by a trend and plans to move forward.

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So, it’s all about communicating and storytelling with data,you should be really good at numbers you need that to be able to excel in that role, the computer will do lots of calculting for you, your job is is to look at those numbers and be able to truly understand the relationships behind them that are driving the changes between them and understand what comes next based on that.

If you are interested in brand management, your first year would probably be like it’s not brand management, because most people think about the exciting part of marketing.

Advertising the new product development when you get there is really its analytics, you need to be able tell on a day-to-day, a month -to-month week to week, what’s happening with the business, recommend what changes need be made.

Making recommendations is pretty part of the studd you will do, it is so important as a foundation because it will help you understand how to run the business, many just think all they need do is jump to advertising, but you can’t get to the advertisers unless you know the fundamentals of what’s happening in the market, what are consumers doing, what’s the difference that you need to communicate to them and then you get to advertising.

But to be a good advertiser, to be a good product developer you got to have the fundamentals first, and the last point is that you know that you career as a brand manger is a journey it’s not a destination.

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