Best Mirrorless Camera of 2017

I want share with you guys about what I think is probably the best mirrorless camera and Lord knows I have enough of them.

The Sony a6500.

Z Sony A6500 Frontleft Lens Best Mirrorless Camera 2017

Z Sony A6500 Frontleft Lens Best Mirrorless Camera 2017

The Sony a6500 is an amazing mirrorless camera, something you might remember that I’m borrowing this or rather, I was borrowing this from my friends at B&H Photo Video and ultimately, I decided to buy it. So, I am keeping this along with the 50 millimeter f/1.8 lens and this is, like I said, one of my favorite cameras to shoot with because it is so lightweight, the build quality is amazing, it is simple. It shoots 4K, is the perfect camera, except for one itty-bitty thing.

The lack of a selfie style flip-out screen so that I can do videos with this camera, but we’ll let it go. For those of you who shoot from behind the camera and are not in front of it as much, this is, in my opinion, the best camera of 2017. If you need something with a flip-out screen, then the Panasonic GH5 is probably going be the best camera for you of 2017.

There are a lot of things that this camera gets right, Autofocus probably being one of the most important things if you’re shooting video, but for photography, that’s also amazing and that’s why this is one of my favorite cameras for shooting portraits. I actually have done a lot of portrait work with this since I got it and it is amazing.

I love how this camera feels in my hands. One of the reasons this is my favorite camera to shoot with when I’m doing photography or video that lets me be behind the lens is the options I get. I have the ability to shoot in low light, a little bit better than I can with my Panasonic cameras because of the APS-C sensor. Also, I do like that I have the audio input jack here. It’s not as conveniently placed as where it is on my Panasonics.

And the thing is, I actually had to get a specific microphone to use with this effectively in the field. I had to get the Rode VideoMicro. This is actually really good. I think this is about, like 60 or 70 bucks, so it’s not bad. I linked everything in the description for you guys. But if I just put this on here, then all of a sudden, this becomes a usable camera when it comes to capturing audio in the field. So, it’s not bad.

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So I just plug that in there and it works. Again, it’s not the most robust setup in the world but for simple things, it makes total sense. Because this is a Sony, it’s using the E-mount lens system. Again, one of my favorite lenses to use with this is the 50 millimeter and I actually am buying some other lenses. This hulking monster is the 24-70 G Master lens that I’m borrowing from our friends at B&H and this gets amazing shots.

I think if you want to do portrait photography that in my mind, this beats most of the offerings right now in a similar price range from Nikon and Canon. I think if you got about $1500 to throw into a new camera body, that the Sony a6500 is the body to go with, if you don’t need to have a flip-out screen and shoot yourself on camera.

That being said, one of the things that I think you have to think about when you get this is what’s your use case? For my use case, this makes perfect sense. I like the in-body stabilization. I like how it handles low light. I love that it has the face detection that helps with the faster, better autofocusing system. I love the mirrorless capabilities with focus peaking. I love that it does have the electronic viewfinder. Anyone who thinks the optical viewfinder is better than the electric viewfinder is nuts, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

I think that this tilty screen, when I would have loved for it to be a flip-out screen, but I do think it could be better in brightly lit situations. So, that bothers me a little bit. The menu system is a little clunky but for a camera that you need to just pull out on the go, it’s perfect. Minus the flip-out screen, it would be a perfect, ideal camera. You wouldn’t need anything else unless you just want to shoot full frame.

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