11 Best Logo Design Contest Websites 2018

Logo Design Contest websites: There are lots of professional, talented and creative logo designers out there and they want to give the best of their creativity to every work they get.

But for you as a client or company you may not know the ideal designer that can borne the brand creation for your company, so a clever way to get the best of the best designer for your job might be to stage a logo design contests.

Professional logo designers usually love this type of logo design contest due to the fact that it brings out their creativity while having a feeling of wanting to outstanding their creative counterparts.

Logo designers who win contests usually have very strong personality, high level of self esteem, great level of professionalism and competence, talented, creative and this is just the ideal representation of the logo designer you want to work on your logo design project.

There is no better way a company or brand can get the best logo designs than with a logo design contest; imagine getting 72 designers to submit the best of their creative work and you get to choose the best design that gets the pay.

At a very affordable price you will be able to attract a good number creative designers to your company.

To get started all you need do is to put up a logo design contest on any of the below websites and add a reasonable winning prize for the winning designer.

Higher prize amount usually attracts lots of brilliant and unimaginable design submissions, you can rate each designs and give some feedback that can serve has hints and guide for designers to do better.

You can as well put up a poll that allows coworkers, friends, families vote their favorite designs.

Logo design contests is a better solution than hiring just a logo company that may eventually not meet up with your business needs.

You will get variety of creative and brilliant logo design concepts and get to the best design that represents most what your business stands for.

10 Best Logo Design Contest Websites on the web

1. Zillion Designs

Zillion Deign Logo Design Contest Website

Zillion Deign Logo Design Contest Website

These logo design contest website prides itself to be the best place to get “…the best custom designs” this is due to reasons that there are more than 100,000 experienced designers on the platform for just about any type of design Project, be it logo design, web design, stationery etc.

The platform is a little bit pricey as the lowest minimum price is $274 but you will have access to a vast number of creative who are ready to give the best to meeting your project needs.

Simply join a contest or start your own.

2. 99 Designs

99designs Crowdsourcing Best Logo Design Contest Sites Reviews Testimonials Comparingly

99 designs is one of the best design contest website with not just logo design contest but competition for just about any design project you may have.

On the platform you will see design competitions like logo design competitions, web design contests, icon design contests, print design, stationary, etc.

The platform is arguable the best due to the vast number of prolific, experienced and talented designers up to 1.5 million.

It comes with a more pricey start point of $299 minimum to stage a logo design contest on the bronze plan.

They also have several other plans ranging from silver, Gold and platinum at a higher price point designed to suit your any level of brands.

3. Hatchwise

Hatchwise Logo Design Webite Contests

Hatchwise Logo Design Webite Contests

Hatchwise is another logo contest website with vast community of designers who knows their onions when it comes to logo design.

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It’s a very affordable platform to stage a logo design contest for small scale startups and individuals because of it’s low entry price point which is just $39 listing fee and $105 logo design fee.

Once you pick your best design, you pay for it and download your logo.

4. Design Contest

Designcontest Website

Design Contest is another logo design contest that made our list, the website help you to start a contest that attracts lots of submissions from talented designers within few hours.

The platform has a more affordable price point starting at $275 per logo design project and $600 for web design projects.

5. Guerra creativa

Guerra Creativ Logo Design Contests Website

Guerra Creativa Logo Design Contests Website

Guerra creativa is a logo design contest website that helps you to leverage crowdsourcing for your design projects at an affordable price point. You get access to 30,000 designers and full legal ownership of all designs with any extra fee attached.

The platform allows you to set your budget and you can design your logo from $195, logo plus stationery from $250, Illustration from $325, and stationery alone for $125.

6. Logo design guru

Design Guru Deign Contest Website

If you are seeking for a cost effective yet qualitative branding solutions for your startup then logo design guru might be the ideal place to you.

They have several plans tailored to meet your branding needs, you allowed to set your own budget starting from $199, plus you have access to 150,000 designers ready to give only beautiful designs at all time.

7. Crowdspring

Crowdspring Crowdsourcing Best Logo Design Contest Sites Reviews Testimonials Comparingly

Crowdspring is a Chicago based branding company founded by Ross Kimbarovsky alongside Mike Samson.

The company was established with the objective of helping startups and organisations connect with professional designers and talented designers too to get connected with potential clients.

This two way dream has made the company an ideal place for any startups to meet their design needs.

The company prides itself to be the “world’s number one marketplace for logos, design and naming”.

8. 48 Hours Logo

48hourslogo Logo Design Contest Website

48hourslogo Logo Design Contest Website

48 hours logo is one of the most cost effective and time efficient platform to get a logo or website designed for your business in a contest without breaking the bank.

This logo design contest website is the most affordable starting from from only $29. Individuals and small startups find this platform very useful to meet their design needs.

9. Design Crowd

Design Rowd Logo Design Contest Website

Design Crowd is another trusted logo design contest site that is sure to give you value for money when it comes to designing your company logo using a staged contest. You can start a contest from bet value $249 and a minimum of $140. There is $59 contest fee attached, but you will have access to up to 600,000 experienced designers. You can do your design using rush mode in 2 to 15 days plus you get industry standard designs.

1o. Freelance Logo Design

Freelance Logo Design Contest Website

Freelance Logo Design Contest Website

Logo123.com now Freelancelogodesign.com is not really a logo design contest but rather a platform that afford you to quickly get a logo design for your project in as a quick as 1 hour for just $19. The platform assigns 3 logo designers to your projects and you get 6 logo design concepts and you choose our best design. You can as well buy exclusive logo copyright for less than $50.

11. Designhill

Designhill Crowdsourcing Best Logo Design Contest Sites Reviews Testimonials Comparingly

DesignHill pride itself to be the world’s no.1 logo design platform owing to their vast community of 70,000 plus logo designers . You get industry standard work at a money back guarantee. Just post a project, let designers compete for the project and you pick your favorite design with exclusive copyright ownership.

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