20 Best FREE WordPress Plugins for every WordPress websites 2018

Best Free WordPress Plugins

Best Free WordPress Plugins

20 best FREE WordPress plugins that you’ve got to install now on your WordPress site.

If you don’t install some of these plugins you’ll be missing out on a lot of amazing features that could get you more sales more leads, more conversions even more engagement, which means that your business could not be as good as it could be.

I’m going to go through each of the free WordPress plugins and the benefits of each and you can pick and choose which one works best for you.

So let’s get started, I’m assuming that you already have your WordPress website set up and all you do is you go to the free WordPress repository on WordPress.org and download them, you can add also add them within your WordPress dashboard, search for this plugin and install them up on your WordPress site.

I’m going to have all the links in here so you can click directly there if you want to download them and upload manually to your website.

20 Best FREE WordPress Plugins 2018

1. Social Icons WordPress plugins

social icons WordPress plugin by Access press is a fantastic plugin that helps you integrate social icons to your WordPress website, you can choose different styles a horizontal, vertical, what a fantastic plugin.

2. Contact Form 7

Contact form seven is a staple and absolutely essential if you want to build contact forms and customize all the different fields. This plugin is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins and has been installed on millions of website.

You can have your own types of fields, customize which emails it sends to, customize style layout all of that so contact form seven is absolutely a must to download.

So if your want the easiest way to add contact form to anywhere within your website then contact form 7 does the jib nicely well.

2. Maintenance mode

Next on the list is coming soon page, a maintenance mode by seed prod, the essence of this plugin is to help put your website on a maintenance mode in times you’re making content adjustments on your website, you don’t want your website to unkept and put visitors away.

It is an amazing plugin, if you’re developing a new site, if you’re changing some content you don’t want it to go live right away, then you got to have this plug-in to put a facade in front and let people know that you’re doing stuff in the back end, and you launch the site once it’s completely ready.

3. MonsterInsight Analytics

Next one is monsterinsight Analytics, you’ve got to have this in order to enable you track how many people are coming to your website, where they’re coming from, what keywords are bringing them and more, all that data is extremely important so you can see where to improve on.

Make sure you set up your analytics account it’s completely free, just need to sign up with your gmail and then you get your create a new web property, get your ID plug it in there using a plugin like monsterinsight analytics.

4. Pretty link lite

Next is pretty link light, I love this plugin because it allows you to shorten URLs based on your domain, if you have a long URL or affiliate links or anything like that you want to shorten or customize it to your domain then you can do that.

This amazing plugin has a pro version which has a lot of other features like masking or cloaking, split testing, all of these amazing features that you might.

5. WP Smush image optimization

Speed is extremely important for websites especially for SEO, so you want to have your images compressed, most people when they upload images, they’re not resized, they’re not compressed, they’re pretty large and that’s not good for mobile so you need a plug-in that compresses them and resizes them on the fly.

6. W3 Total Cache

An absolutely essential plugin to have next one is w3 total cache, again this plugin optimizes the speed of your website to compress certain elements to cache some of the files on the server.

So it actually loads much faster, it is absolutely necessary definitely get this one, it’s one of the top cache plugins for for WordPress, however, i have heard many web designers complain that it isn’t compatible with their server, if you experience same issue, try wp cache instead.

8. Yoast SEO

This is another essential plugin, if you want to rank for keywords, optimize your pages and your posts for certain keywords and it gives you kind of a traffic light signal of red which means not optimized at all, orange which is okay and green fully optimized and it gives you the step by step kind of instructions how to do that and some recommendations as you optimize your content. So definitely install Yoast SEO.

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9. Google two-factor Authentication

We all know how a pain in w is to log in especially a view if you have multiple WordPress accounts remembering that long password and you know it’s pain like copy paste all that well this one actually takes that out makes it even more secure basically is this moving lines okay and then you have your smart phone and you match up the pattern with a camera and it’s pretty pretty cool actually and it unlocks and allows you to log in securely just like that.

10. YARPP– Yet Another Related Post Plugin

Yet another related posts plugin also known as YARPP is used on massive content blogs, all it does is to recommend other most relevant posts readers can read this keeping them more engaged in and reducing your website’s bounce rates.

12. Foo Gallery

The foo gallery is no doubt another essential plugin used to create dynamic gallery especially for wordpress websites with lots of images.

This allows you for better images and video galleries within WordPress, it has a lot of great features, foo is also good if you want to have images in your sidebar and you don’t want to deal with any code or HTML then definitely get this one it’s called simple image widget and you just install it and it allows the easily add let’s say if you have an ad or banner ad or just want an image to link to a post or a page and this is perfect for you next one is

13. Co schedule

If you schedule a lot of blog posts or content with social media and especially if you have other guest post writers then this plugin is for you, it makes the scheduling process much simpler than just a Google sheets or an Excel spreadsheet because it’s right integrated into WordPress.

14. WooCommerce

You’ve probably heard of this one before, but absolutely essential if you want to build an e-commerce website. Woocommmerce is first WordPress ecommerce plugin made by the team at Woo Themes.

It’s designed to help WordPress have extra customizability of been used to create an ecommerce shop online, the plugin is powering close 500,000 WordPress retail websites, it powered 30% of all ecommerce website in the space.

15. Duplicator

If you have a WordPress website but you want to duplicate it or move it to another domain or another WordPress site, then this plugin is for you, it makes it much simpler, you don’t have to go into the backend of your cPanel or hosting, you can just do it with this plugin in your WordPress dashboard. However, here is a complete list of the best WordPress backup solution you can use on your website.

16. Broken link checker

Absolutely essential because sometimes links expire, sometimes webpages disappear and then it goes to a 404 page, not very good ok so you want to scan your site and that is what this plugin easily does.

It shows you which links are broken so you can fix them right away.

17. All-in-one schema.org Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets-when you’re searching in Google those are like the 5-star or the star ratings, that come up or the bread from the navigation contact information all of those of that information Google wants to know what it is, so you got to mark it up with schema.

18. Akismet

This is a WordPress default plugin. But you still need to pay attention to it, Akismet which originally means Automattic Kismet is s plugin created by the Founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg is a bid to filter off spam and allow his mother to blog safely, since 2005 that the plugin has been launched, Akismet has gained a lot of traction and effectiveness and has quickly become the bet plugin to automatically ward off, spam comments and track backs.

Since creation Akismet was reported to have filtered 100 Billion spam comments on WordPress blogs both hosted and non-hosted.

So as a WordPress user you will need to take time to activate these plugin so it filters off all spam comments that can affect your website.

20. Wordfence security

Wordfence has quickly grown to be one of the best security plugin, the plugin really delivers and safe you a great deal of blocking security loopholes on your WordPress site.

Wordfence has been installed more than 22 million times across several WordPress blogs and I think you should have this installed on your website too.

If you’re having issue using any of the free you can get support from the plugins page.

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