6 Attributes of Effective Logo Design

Amazing logo designs don’t happen by accident, someone didn’t just make something and it became great logo. What really happened was that they spent time on it and they understood what these 6 Attributes of Effective Logo Design means and how to make it
work for their designs.

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Brilliant Creative Logo Design Inspirations 

Logo design is not about creating a really cool-looking logo for a company alone, there are tons of factors in logo design, but we need to take hold of these 6 Attributes of Effective Logo Design to make our logo designs look really good and work
really well.

Attributes of Effective logo design.

1. Scalability

First on my list of attributes for a effective logo design is scalability, as you should all know a logo design should be in a vector format, this doesn’t mean that you start off  the design on illustrator or any other vector program, it just means that it should be in the end stage of it when it’s giving to the client a vector.

If you don’t know what vector artwork is, it is basically the maths on a computer software called Adobe Illustrator allowing you to scale shapes to infinite sizes without losing any quality, because instead of looking at pixels like in Photoshop it looks at mathematics through the border radius-es of what’s known as Paths, making sure that your logo looks good when it is very small and it’s noticeable and people can see it too when it’s very big.

Do you have a logo design that works well when it’s really big, that’s sort of hard to look at
but in Illustrator you can make sure of this by cropping down certain parts of the logo design or inputting certain parts of it out to make it still recognizable to other people then you’ve done a pretty good job with scalability.

2. Functionality

The next key attribute of an effective logo design which sort of encompasses everything is functionality. Is your logo functional?

By functionality, I mean does it work well with your company? Is it working well on your business cards? and on your website? Is it actually telling a story of your company? and is it actually working as a logo?

So many times we’ll see designers creating logos that look really cool but they don’t work well for the company, so the problem is that the company won’t get as many sites of their own and customers.

If you’re a local designer, a good way of thinking is that you’re not actually working for your client, you’re working for your client’s clients or working for your clients’ customers, because you want to make sure that they come to their business and that will prove that you are a good logo designer, so making sure that your logo is functional where as people can see it understand it and notice it straightaway is very important.

3. No disability

Your logo design should be noticed and this can happen through many different forms but the most obvious one is color, color will actually make your logo stand out from other ones,
more than they would do if it just didn’t have color that being said I design all my logos with an out color until the end stage unless it’s designed to have color within it with the brand colors

If your logo design is just so generic that it bleeds into the background you probably have not done a very good job on creating it, the good thing about this is that generally clients can see whether it is noticeable or not but for us designers sometimes you just need to take a step back or stop looking at it for a while just to see if we’re getting the right thing it’s a
fine balance between making it not obtrusive but also enjoyably noticeable.

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4. Legibility

The fourth key attribute of an effective logo design is legibility, it is so important that if your logo is a logo type which means a word mark or a watermark as a logo, then it is legible, now legibility is a bit controversial because sometimes logos are meant to be legible and that’s
what makes them unique.

I’ve done so many signature logo designs that aren’t legible but they do look like a
signature, if a company like Tesco’s or of another company like Squarespace asked for a typographic logo with the actual iconography logo then it has to be legible it has to spell it out for the people that are seeing it so you can be creative all you want but the creativity side of logo type design is making it fun yet legible.

5. Multi-Platform compatibility

The fifth key attribute of an effective logo design is Multi-Platform compatibility, not too sure if that is the right word but I am going to just roll with it, because not only that we have business cards or stationery we actually have websites, social media, apps and it is so important that your icon or your logo works very well on mobile platforms and on website

This is something that’s very new of the past decade and it’s so important to look out for in your logo, it’s no longer good enough having a logo design that works well only on a business card and that’s it.

It has to work well on a computer or a small smartphone on a website header, if your Salling is quitting abstract iconography logo designs then you want to make sure that your logo design actually is noticeable and looks good at the size of an app icon in real life.

So I would say if your logo design doesn’t look good in a 1 centimeter square, then you’ve
got a bit of a problem, you see applications have hit the world now with the iPhones and the smartphone market and it’s so important that companies are able to compete with other icons, it’s really one of the first things that people look at in the actual app market so it’s so important to have one that’s noticeable and looks good.

6. Recognizable

And to my final key attributes of effective logo design is being able to recognize it.

I can’t think of the word, but you’ve all seen the Apple logo and you all notice it and when you see it you recognize it, it is very good and it looks great and you want their product that is the same thing you want to have with your logo design, I must admit the logo design
doesn’t actually do that itself it’s the branding of the overall company that makes people want to buy whatever they have to offer, but you want to make sure that your logo
design is recognizable when they get to that level, our jobs as logo designers are to make the person more money, that is basically the simplest way of explaining what I do for a client of mine.

I want to make them more money by making them look better and functional within the platforms that they’re in and I’ve had very good success because the way that I’ve seen logo design that  is that we are there to make them more money and I’m going to make sure their logo design is recognizable and so it could be put on every platform possible, people can recognize it so when they do get into that major league of business and corporation it will still be there and still be working, functional for the company, so make sure that your
logo designs are recognizable.

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