8 PRO tips to be a better graphic designer

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There is more to being a graphic designer than just being called one, it is this gap that cause many graphic designers to find it difficult to have paying clients.

Here are 8 PRO tips to be a better graphic designer, they will help you achieve your dream goal of becoming a reckon graphics designer.

You should really know how to prepare yourself well for the space and find your place, because those who once failed to do so were eventually misplaced and many of them are still struggling to be the ace. – Adeniyi Badmus

7 PRO tips to be a better graphic designer

1. Practice, Practice Practice

My first tip is to keep practicing so by this I mean go on Photoshop every single day if you can and just try and create stuff,

If you don’t have any clients obviously you don’t have anybody to design for, but that’s okay you can just make up sort of practice projects.

2. Build Relationships & Networks

Find some people that you like on social media, maybe that you look up to and just create some designs for them, tweet them, they might even like the tweet you never know, but anyways this tip is basically to say keep practicing with Photoshop don’t give up and once you keep practicing every day you will definitely improve.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Try not to create the same thing over and over again because it just gets a bit boring so try and mix it up a little bit, if you always do headers, maybe try and mix it up and do say like an album, if you don’t have any clients just design for like a company, then you can put it on your bee hunt site and it’s just going to help show your clients the type of designs you do.

4. Create a portfolio

There are many reasons why you do need a portfolio, one is, it makes you look professional and design is more of a visual thing, so you must have some mind blowing jobs don’t by you to show to clients and employers, I personally have a carbon may portfolio.

If you do want a more professional portfolio, I’d definitely go with B hunts.

5. Learn and perfect a new skill weekly

I have learn new skills and also watch, several tutorials this is definitely going to help you, I know a lot of people just get templates and edit them, and claim that as their work.

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But it’s a worst way to be a graphic designer, watching tutorials will take you farther in improving your design skills.

6. Archive pictures that you can use in your work

So if you can go out buy yourself a camera, if you do do graphic design it’s definitely going to help you because you can take your own pictures, you can use them in your own work and if you actually say that you’ve used unique pictures taken by you it’s definitely going to make clients think oh wow he’s a photographer as well as a graphic designer.

It’s just going to generally help with your work if you have your own pictures. However, you can download use royalty free stock photos from up to 20 websites and use legally for commercial and personal use.

7. Read top design blogs

I have to read blogs or look at people’s work, so by this I mean read some graphic design blogs there’s tons out there just just google them and as for looking at people’s work, don’t copy them, it’s the worst thing you can do, take inspiration from them that’s fine.

But just don’t blatantly copy their work or their style you can use that style for ideas and things like, but definitely looking at people’s work will give you a lot of inspiration so maybe you can read some graphic design blogs.

8. Join a team or clan

This is quite a general topic, I know lots of people have talked about this, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s not.

If you are in a clan and you do so much work for them and it starts to get like a bit too much then maybe you should leave the clan.

If you don’t have many clients before joining a clan like I do have, joining a clan may help you have more potential and paying clients, if you’re sort of a big designer joining a team can be quite stressful, because you’re doing pretty much all of the diet designs for free and that’s just really bad.

Some of them even the ones like T-shirt designs and stuff you’ll do it for free, the clan sells them and you don’t make any money, so I think that’s quite wrong but in some ways joining a team or even a clan is really good because you will definitely get exposure and it may just help out.

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