5 Types of Logo Design & Examples

There are just too many logos out there, however we can categorise them into 5 basic groups. There are 5 different ways to describe certain designs of logos. I’m going to explain to you the 5 different types of categories of logos.

1. Iconic type logo or Pictorial marks

Iconic Or Symbol Logo

Iconic Or Symbol Logo

The first category of logo design is the basic symbol or iconic type logo.

This type of logo represents a brand in a simple but bold and confident manner. In most cases the image is abstract or stylized you’ll generally find these types of logos for large brands which serve the whole world.

The reason behind that is that if you serve the whole world you’re going to be serving populations who have different languages, different traditions and you need your brand identity to be recognizable quite easily without having to understand words, so having a symbol or an icon is ideal for those types of businesses.

Examples of those businesses would be:

Apple, Twitter and Shell oil or the Nike shoes company, those are all symbols and they work really well.

2. Wordmarks or Logotypes

Wordmarks Or Logotypes

Wordmarks Or Logotypes

Word mark is basically what it says, wordmark logo is made up of a word, in this case what you will find is that the brand will create their logo but they’ll create their logo using a unique font especially done by a designer.

The designer creatively write out the name of the business but they will do it in a font that isn’t available anywhere else ( in most cases custom fonts are created or invented around facts that may relate to company history and genealogy). This helps to maintain uniqueness in design.

A wordmark logo is not made by just jumping into Microsoft word and use Arial or Comic Sans to create a logo. NO!

Examples of word mark Logos would be coca-cola, Facebook and eBay, Google, Visa etc.

3. Lettermarks or Monogram logos

Lettermark Logos

Lettermark Logos

While the lettermark logo is similar to the word mark logo, but usually a lot shorter letter is used. Letter marks will generally use the initials of a company. There could be a few reasons for that;

  • It could be that the company’s name is really long and it’s just just not going to fit well as a logo.
  • it may be that the company’s name is quite hard to pronounce.
  • It may be that the company has a long nomenclature like some German companies that have long names and it’s quite hard to pronounce for people from other countries, so what they do is take the initials and shorten them down to make a logo
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Examples of letter mark logos would be Hewlett Packard -HP, his master’s voice HBO and IBM.

4. Combination mark logo

Combination Mark Logo

Combination Mark Logo

The next logo category is the combination mark, a combination mark utilizes a word mark and the symbol in one so you kind of have the best of both worlds.

There you’ve got adaptability, you could use the symbol on its own or you could use the word mark on its own, there is a danger though!

You would only really do that if you have a well-established brand and have spent a fair bit marketing your logo so that everyone knows where it is, making it instantly recognizable.

Only then would you be able to really take these two separate elements and use them in their own situation because you have the confidence that people would know what it is but it gives you adaptability for different marketing situations on print digital screen.

Examples of a combination Martin logo would be Pizza Hut, Adidas and Burger King, Doritos, lacoste etc.

5. Emblem logo

Emblem Logos

Emblem Logos

Our last category of logo is the emblem. Emblem is quite similar to a combination mark, which is combination of company name and a symbol-like design (not quite a symbol ).

The reason being that it’s an emblem is that the company’s name is fully encapsulated within the design. Think of it more like a shield or a crest with the company name inside of it examples of that would be: Harley Davidson with the name Fully in the middle built with the shield. Harvard, BMW and Starbucks are other 3 examples of emblem logos.

If you’ve got any questions on any of these categories of logos I’d love to hear them and I will make sure that I answer them just pop them into the comment section below

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