5 Reasons why you need a website for your business in 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business In 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business In 2018

In a world where we have all these social media platforms, some designers and other people who are jot designers are convinced that they don’t need a website, they have strong feeling that they know their way around these social medias and they are okay there to do just about anything they want to do,

But I’m going to tell you five specific reasons, you absolutely still need a website today.

Five reasons why you need a website

Building a website may seem so hectic and uneasy, but it doesn’t have to be. There are reasons to have one regardless of whatever trouble you have to go through to acquire it.

I want to cover five specific reasons that you still need to have a website, especially if you’re a small-business owner or you have a personal brand that you want to develop.

1. Control and Ownership

Number one is what I think is probably the most important overall aspect of this. You need a platform that you have ownership of and that you full control over.

Having control of a platform, having control of the way that it looks, the way that people engage with it, the way that everything functions is essential, especially if you are a business or a personal brand.

Social media is fantastic, but you have no ownership of that. They can change the rules. They can change the layout. They can change the functionality, and if that doesn’t fit with what you’re trying to accomplish, that could be a huge problem.

So, I really feel that the number one reason you still need a website is you need something that you’re in absolute control over.

2. Leverage content Marketing

Secondly, having your own website allows you to take advantage of content marketing, being able to start a blog, being able to host a podcast. These are important things that can elevate your brand and can lead to conversions or more awareness of who you are and what you have to offer.

People are looking for solutions to their problems. If you can provide that as a business or as a subject matter expert, then this is gonna be fantastic for you even if you’re an entertainer. Just being able to showcase your body of work is going to be valuable to you regardless of what your profession is.

So, I think being able to generate your own content is going to be a vital part of why you still need a website and being able to do it in a way that fits you and what you want that is archived forever. I think that’s valuable.
You own the platform. It’s your content, and it’s going to be presented in your way. It’s also much more search-engine friendly overall than social media, and people still search, especially when they’re trying to hire someone or do something specific.

3. Build your own Audience

More so, you need to build your own audience, your readership, having a website allows you to build an e-mail list. Many business people and marketers will tell you the money is in the list. Having direct communication with your audience or the business contacts that you want is vital, and I think that if you have an e-mail marketing strategy that it’s going to exponentially grow your business and grow your brand.

But to be able to do that effectively, you need a website that’s a home and a hub for this e-mail list, the lead magnets that you’re going to create, and that people can use to just identify you and to find you.

So, being able to build an e-mail list and have that through your website platform is going to be tremendous for you. Being able to have landing pages that you control and being able to make sure that that fits with the visual presentation and consistency of your overall brand is goijg to matter.

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So, having an e-mail list is tip number three on why you still need a website today. Number four, having your own website and your own domain name, your own dot-com or dot-org or dot-net, is going to allow you to also have a professional e-mail address.

When you’re e-mailing people that you want to do business with or if you’re an online content creator and you want to contact brands or sponsors or do speaking, having a very professional e-mail address instead of just a G-mail or a Hotmail goes a long way to your e-mails getting opened more often.

It’s just really impressive when you have that, and it also can help you stay a little safe and organized with regard to your online presence. So, I think that’s very valuable.

4. Your branding

Getting a professional e-mail address, professional domain name for your brand, I think that’s definitely a good perk of having your own website.

5. Make money online

As you grow over time and establish your professionalism and many people are liking your services and brand, its time to start making money, having your own website gives you the opportunity to directly sell your products and services to people who are looking for them.

One, websites are search-engine friendly, so that’s still a thing. Google, still the most trafficked search engine in the world. They do prioritize actual websites over social media, but when people are making a buying decision, they usually prefer to buy from a website, and with you having a website, you can control the functionality and the user experience there to ensure that people buy.

When it comes to selling a service, people respect it more, and you have more credibility there. So, if you want to be able to sell high-level products or services when it comes to clients and customers, having your own website builds authority, trust, credibility, and is much more likely to convert than if you just use social media or an outside platform.

With all those things in mind, you probably still want to figure out well, how do you get started? Maybe you’re not a coder, so how are you gonna build a website? Well, there are a lot of options when it comes to that. So, here are some different places you can choose for web hosting and domains. I recommend HostGator, they are not sponsoring the website at the moment, but if you do use my affiliate links, I do get a small commission from that.

In fact, if you use our affiliate link and buy hosting we will help you easily get started by installing your website for free.

It is nothing big to worry about as one of our team members will help you quickly get your new website setup free of any cost.

These is the service we recommend for our clients to use all the time and that our clients have used, and I think that they will have a good overall user experience for you, plus they also have some tools that specifically help you with what I talked about accomplishment.

WordPress is one of the stronger solutions for being found in search and for doing online magazines, podcasts, and blogs. So, if that’s the kind of thing that you want to do specifically or if you’re a YouTube content creator, I would lean more toward HostGator.

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