5 Best Ecommerce Solutions for Web Designers 2018

5 Best Ecommerce Solutions for Web Designers 2018

Hello everyone, Today I want discuss the 5 best ecommerce solutions to create an online shop for your clients as a web designer.

More businesses are keying to the internet selling model even nowd it’s almost festive and Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner and businesses are gearing to put up their stores online and make some sales.

So as a web designer, how do you give your customers the best solution for their business needs when they need an Ecommerce Website?

There are a few tips you need to mind as a designer that will help you to choose top benefiting platform and features for your clients.

Firstly, you need to be mindful of what their budget are.

Highmark all the must have features they desire in their business

How many development hours are you ready to lay on the table for the Job given the budget?

Will you be using a self-hosted Ecommerce Solution or hosted one?

So after deciding base on the few tips above and countless others that comes to your mind.

The next thing is to looking into the available solutions for the Ecommerce Web Design.

We have handpicked the best ecommerce solutions so far  that you can use to create your clients businesses or shopping Website online and you’re welcome to look into them according to your decision.


Shopify has grown to be a desirable solution for entrepreneurs who wants to quickly start an ecommerce business and make profits selling their products online. Shopify which used to be a snowboarding Equipment Platform but now a  go-to ecommerce solution for entrepreneur who wants to sell their products online, shopify powers close to 500,000 Active stores with close to $50 Billion in sales.

The fact that the company is got your back in almost several ways makes it a desirable option for new startups, as a business all you need to focus on is your business, your stocks and inventory, as for the welfare of your store, the company is got your back.

Cost: From $29 Monthly

Quick Shopify Features

1. You need not bother about hosting your Ecommerce Website has Shopify already got you covered no matter the span of business.

2. User-friendly Store with enough Library of themes to choose for and make your store look unique

3. Your sales is not limited to your Shopify store alone, you can as well on other different platforms by embedding Actionable buttons like “BUY NOW” on Messenger, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest and lots more.


Magento is a Flexible Free Open Source Platform built in PHP and comes with lots of superb features and customization, and in fact it is considered the most customizable Ecommerce solution Platform in the Space.

If you’re vast enough in PHP you will quickly get along with Magento. You will have access to community of developers who are well experienced using the platform and are ready to provide you help when you seem to get stuck, also are several premium plugins and themes to use to customize your Magento Shop.

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Cost: Free

Magento being an Open Source Software is free but you need to get your own hosting and domain and we recommend you host your Ecommerce Web with a Reliable Hosting Provider like Hostgator so you r customer have the best of web Experience.


As the Name, Open Cart is another Spiced up Open Source Ecommerce Solution that comes packed with lots of Features. OpenCart is known for its module based feature which means you can implement just about any custom features to your cart by adding addons, just like as seen in Magento Open Source above.

If you are a happy coder who is ready to put tangible development hours ‘on the table’ to get your hands dirty with codes then this platform will sure give your clients a smooth sailing Solution.

Cost: Free

OpenCart being an open Source Platform means you have to have your own Web hosting and Domain, however the OpenCart software is available to download and Use for Free.


WooCommerce is arguably of the Best Solutions for Users who want to quickly create a store online, WooCommerce in itself is a FREE independent plugin designed to be used along with the most popular Web development software-WordPress.

Which means if your Clients already have a WordPress Website, you can quickly integrate a store for them by adding the WooCommerce Plugin and further customizing it, the plugin has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme that supports ecommerce. WooCommerce has its own official theme called StoreFront with more than 13 designs.

With WooCommerce your clients can receive payments with PayPal and Stripe Gateway or “cash on Delivery” and Cheque.

Cost: Free


PrestaShop is another brilliant Open Source Ecommerce Solution just like OpenCart and Magento. It has lots of Customizable features which you can do by adding Modules and themes.

While the Modules and Themes are premium PrestaShop platform itself is free for your use once you have your Web hosting and domain to house the Software.

PayPal and Stripe can be integrated into PrestaShop in other to enable your clients receive payments for purchases made on their shop.

There is a growing developer community and lots of available training to keep you going.

There countless other several Ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Volusion, Supadupa, Lemostand, Authorize, Snappt that you can explore. But up above we have managed to only discussed the best 5 and most widely used ones.

Thanks for reading “5 Best Ecommerce Solutions for Web Designers 2018” Please share to this to others.

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