4 Best free WordPress BackUp plugins 2018

Backing up your website is one of the wisest thing for you to do, i have seen many people who had to face many terrible experience due to the fact that they were negligent about backing up their websites.

Many times, the hosting companies gives resounding assurance that they got you covered, but the big question is; how reliably true can that be?

Not every hosting provider is got thumbs up when it comes to backing up website, in fact, you shouldn’t expect too much from them, so you just have to make sure from your end that your WordPress website is backed up in a secure place from time to time, that is the only way to protect your long term works from going down the drain, and very fortunately there are many WordPress plugins that helps you to do just that.

Shortly in this post, we shall cover them one after the other. But before that, it is important that you understand that these plugins don’t work the sane way, your WordPress website is made up of a pack of web files; database files and core WordPress files.

Best free WordPress BackUp plugins

Some backup plugins are designed to only backup database folders, in such case you loose the original design of your website as the core WordPress files may not be backed up, so it is important to carefully choose a plugin that can capably backup both your WordPress core files and database files in MySQL.

Best free WordPress BackUp plugins

1. UpdraftPlus

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UpdraftPlus is an awesome backup plugin that lets you manually or automatically backup your WordPress website and have a copy save on your web server, into your email account, cloud service such as Google drive or to a FTP server. You can as well migrate your WordPress sits from one web server to another easily with Updraftplus, the plugin also allows you to choose what is backed up; either a section of your website only or your whole website.

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2. BackWPup

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This is another awesome WordPress backup plugin that enables you to save a copy of your whole website on an external location like cloud or FTP so you don’t get caught up, the plugin can also help to repair your WordPress database if need be, it is ‘freemium’ plugin meaning the plugin is available to use freely though with a limited feature, to use the extended features like backup to google drive you will need to opt for the PRO version.

3. BackUp & Restore Dropbox

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As the name implies, This plugin will synchronise your Dropbox account to your web server and save a copy of your wordpress website on the cloud service- Dropbox or on your web server. The plugin can efficiently backup up all your website files in order to make it possible to restore your full web if in case.

4. BackupGuard

BackupGuard can be used either as a backup WordPress plugin or as a migration plugin. The plugin saves a copy of your WordPress website on your PC by choosing whether to backup your full web or some sections of your website.

The plugin has a premium version with extended features like cloud storage backup and backup scheduling.

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