30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logos are symbols adapted by organisations to identify their products or services offered.

An organisation without a logo is not worth to be called one, because it has no unique memorable identity.

A logo is an effective brand marketing tool for any business or company, they are usually the first contact your prospects get in touch with, may be through a media publication or advertisements, mobile advert or any other marketing means.

When people go looking for products and solutions (online or offline) they see symbols of companies, and this symbols called logos have capably increase sales for many brands overtime due to their uniqueness and flawlessness.

Hiring a professional logo designer is the best thing to as you set out to make your own logos, but for if for any reason you want to get creative and design your company logo yourself, you need use some logo maker apps readily available online.

So in this post, we are going to showcase 30 of the best free online logo makers you can use to make your own unique business logos in 2019.

There is nothing like using the best logo maker available to design your logo, because that determines the result you get.

Using any of these logo maker tools will help you to come up with an impacting logo design that can project well your company brands overtime.

These free online logo maker tools have being oversimplified to help you easily started as you design a compelling logo for your business in less time.

Just to visit web apps on your PC and start designing your own logo, the qualities of the logos you get depends on how creative you can combine well the elements, that is why we always recommend you hire a designer that knows well how to combine the elements of design and come up with something awesome for your business.

While many people have good ideas about their logos; they actually have a good perception of what their logo should look like but unfortunately lacks the artistic and design prowess to create it, simply because designers implore the use of complex softwares to create those logos and are just too complex to be handled by anyone without the necessary skill.

In spite, there are several tools online and most of them are free, they help to create logos with less effort and skills.

30 free online Logo maker tools Online to use in 2019

1. Canva (Android | Online)

canva 1923113244 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Canva is an all round favorite design tool that you can use to make your own logo, not just logos alone but can be used to design just about any thing for your business. From posters to business cards and all.

Canva free online logo maker comes with more than 100 free logo templates to help you easily get started, you also have access to premium and free elements, free stock image library and lots of design layouts to select from as you make your own logo.

Another thing that will interest you about this tool is that, canvas, as a design tool has being made for anybody to design just about anything without necessarily having any design skills or experience. Everything has being made simple and easy with drag and drop interface which in no time you get familiar with.

The output of your design can be downloaded to your device in high resolution PNG, PDF and JPG formats for free.

2. Logojoy online logo maker

logojoy426777216 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logojoy is an artificial intelligence (AI) logo maker tool. It offers you a guided decision making function to select key parameters as related yo your business making it look like you’re working with a human designer.

It then uses your selected choices generate impressive logo results which you can further fine tune instantly. One your ideal logo is ready to download, you get it for $20.

3. Logaster online logo maker

logaster558079252 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logaster is one of the most impressive logo makers available on the worldwide web. The software is arguably the most used logo maker online and that owes to the professional results it gives its users.

If you need to make an elegant logo design Logaster is a hood place to start from and not go worng. You will be able to quickly make effective logos with lots of customization features and a vast library of resource components to get you going smoothly.

Logaster is an ideal logo maker tool to make iconic logo designs or popular logotypes. Thought you can only download your result in low quality pixel but comes with option to download high resolution results in zip file for a premium fee of $9.99.

4. Shopify online logo maker

images1184736891 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Shopify is not only an ecommerce solutions for entrepreneurs, it also offer a unique logo maker tool to help entrepreneurs borne the branding of their businesses.

Shopify offers a unique and robust logo making app online that can help you make your own logos without any design skill whatsoever. It’s absolutely free of cost to use.

5. Designhill online logo maker

designhill logo maker1062421581 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Designhill logo maker is a freemium logo maker tool from the leading crowdsourcing platform for designers- Designhill. The logo maker tool allows you to quickly use any of the 1000 logo design templates available, you van modify the template by choosing your own font, colors, elements and more.

Alternatively, you can use the platform’s logo design contest where you get logo concept submissions from lots of professional designers and you get to pick your best design at a reasonable budget.

6. Wix free online Logo maker

wix logo maker477648711 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Just like the like of shopify that have a logo maker app for it’s users, also Wix a web solution software (used by several online entrepreneurs to create their business website) also allows its users to quickly make superb logos that fits their website and overall business brand for free.

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7. Foundry free online logo maker (iOS | Android | Windows)

logo554622177 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Another spectacular online logo maker that can turn you to a logo designer in minutes in the “Foundry” web app. It is a logo design tool that you can use to make a company logo for yourself from the comfort of your smartphone or iPad.

Leverage a vast library of 3000 icons and symbols plus advanced text options to create a beautiful logo which is available for download in PNG or JPG formats.

8. Free logo Design Engine

img 20180702 004642 0191599600385 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

If you need an 100% mindblowing and effective logo to as an entrepreneur then you should try free logo design. Small businesses, companies, startups and groups are using to make something corporate for their business, from logos to business cards.

9. Logo yes free logo maker online

logo yes379046373 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logo yes is another logo design platform that puts the power of your own logo design at your finger tips. They have a goal to help small businesses effectively compete with established ones when it comes to branding. Their premium items offer you solutions to your branding needs.

10. Logoshi free online logo maker

logoshi797719072 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logoship is a simplified logo tool, with logoshi several companies, web owners, bloggers, shopreneurs have made corporate branding designs for their business, check them out!

11. Logopony free online logo maker

logopony152193198 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logpony is where elegance meets fast output, you can created your logos in minutes using library of available fonts and icons.

12. Logogenie free online logo maker

logogenie401442469 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logogenie is an online logo design tools that makes you something actually nice, with the user friendly interface your logo design is ready to come to life. Set out to make your logo with limitless customization.

13. Designmatic logo maker

images 11506966943. 1 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Designmatic is another smart logo maker web app, if you want something quick and easy for your business may be for website design then Designmatic fits the bill.

14. Squarespace logo maker

images1837252524 1 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Like Wix and Oberlo, Squarespace also allow you to quickly make a stunning logo for your business in no time without breaking the bank.

15. Spark Adobe online Logo creator

spark adobe logo maker688909164 1 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019Spark adobe log maker is an unbelievably free online logo maker from the design giant Adobe. Test your creativity and let it drive you to make your own proud business logo without any prior design skill.

16.Tailor brands logo maker

tailor brands logo maker1858793537 1 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019Tailor brands in an industry logo maker software that prides itself to have helped over 1 million serious business made efficient logos for the business. But it is paid.

17. Hatchful logo creator

images1184736891 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019With hatchful logo maker your new logo will be ready in seconds using unique crafted elements, they have a massive library of resources that capably ignites your creativity as you create a bright logo for your business for free of cost.

18. Graphicspring logo creator

Graphicsprings Logo Maker - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Graphicspring is a dummy solution for non designers to make bright and beautiful logos itch-free.

19. Ucraft online logo creator

Ucraft Logo Maker - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Ucraft is a notable free logo maker app to make stylised logos using title, icons and other elements to design a logo.

20. Oberlo online logo creator

Oberlo Logo Maker - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Oberlo is a popular drop shipping app on shopify with thousands of entrepreneurs using the app to dropship products online. You don’t have to search endlessly online for the suitable logo maker for your store so they made you this logo maker.

21. Logo Crisp online logo creator

IMG 20180702 021345 082 213x300 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logo crisp is yet another logo maker online available for free.

22. Designimo online logo maker

designimo 300x150 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Designimo helps you make professional logo designs in minutes but pay around $3 to download the logo in high resolution file that can be used anywhere.

23. Brandmark online logo creator

Brandmark - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

If you need an exceptional logo with bright colours for your business then this is the tool. Even more you can make social media graphics, app icons and many more.

24. Fotojet online logo creator

IMG 20180702 021729 915 - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Fotojet online logo maker offers you lots of beautiful templates with adaptable progressive layouts to make your own professional logo.

25. DesignEvo Logo maker

DesignEvo Logo Maker - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

A massive 5000 logo template is enough to ignite your inspiration and come up with your own logo design on DesignEvo.

26. Logo Garden online logo maker

Logo Garden - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

The easiest and fairly effective tool to create your logos is with logogarden. It has a vast collection of design elements to get you going.

27. MarkMaker logo creator online

MarkMaker Logo Creator - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

MarkMarker is a logo generator online that generates logo using your company name.

28. Hipster logo generator online

Hipster Logo Generator - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Hipster is a basic logo maker online for people seeking for minimalist design.

29. Logo makr online

Logo Makr - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Logo makr is a simple to handle logo maker tool though with less customization and low resolution download. High resolution is only available at a premium.

30. Free online logo creator

Free Online Logo Creator - 30 Free Online Logo makers to try in 2019

Free online logo creator helps you to easily create adaptable logos for your business using templates and custom layouts downloadable in multiple file formats.


These online free logo maker tools are open to public use and many of them come in editable templates, some of which might have being used in the past by someone who set out to also create their own logos themselves, which means you may not get complete unique results with your logo designs.

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