13,000 Typographies – The definitive package.

Typographies_Images_·_Pixabay_·_Download_Free_Pictures_-_2018-05-21_10.30.22We have  massive brilliant freebie for you guys today, it is a 13,000 Typographies package, we made this available at the request of the Designers and Trolls, a small package of 13,000 typographical fonts to mark your windows when installing them.

If you need a text to write large quantities type book, look for those with serif, and there, those that are comfortable to read and are well configured.

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The truth is that the basic families Bodoni, Garamond, Helvetica, Futura, Serifa, and Univers (among others) are real gems, of an impressive optical precision, and if you use these maybe you do not have to use any other typography in your life.


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