11 Best Websites to download free fonts

Getting free fonts suitable for just about any project might be a bug deal if you already don’t know the correct websites to check for free fonts download. It is why we at www.graphisdesigns.com have combined the best 10 Website resources to download free fonts/typography.

11 Best Websites to download free fonts


1. Urban  Fonts: Offers more than 8000 free fonts of all kinds. GO TO THE PAGE 


2. Abstract Fonts; Currently has more than 13,460 free fonts to choose from. GO TO THE PAGE 

761 - 11 Best Websites to download free fonts

3. Fawnt Has a collection of more than 10,000 fonts, most of which are free. GO TO THE PAGE 


4. Dafont: Has more than 8000 free fonts ready to download. GO TO THE PAGE 


5. Fonts2U: It is perhaps the largest collection of free fonts, currently amounting to more than 45,000. They also have a solid offer of fonts for languages ​​other than English (German, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

11 Websites to download Free Typography

6. Search Free Fonts : You have a search option for keywords. A very useful feature if you are looking for a certain typeface. GO TO THE PAGE 

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7. 1001 Free Fonts: Do not be fooled by the name of this site, it contains much more than the 1,001 fonts it announces. Apart from the types of letters, it also has a series of related articles and tools. GO TO THE PAGE 


8. FFonts: It has an interesting collection of 3D fonts in multiple colors. Also, from a good collection of old typefaces. It also has a tool to identify any type of typography. GO TO THE PAGE 


9. Font space: It has some of the most spectacular fonts, with over 16,700 fonts to choose from.GO TO THE PAGE 


10. Font cubes: Apart from the usual fonts, it also has a careful selection of dingbats style fonts. GO TO THE PAGE 


11. Acid Fonts :The site is very well organized, visually attractive and has all kinds of special collections. So if your work is Design of all kinds this is a site that you should know. GO TO THE PAGE

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