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30+ Best Minimalist WordPress themes 2018

We will be showcasing you the best minimalist WordPress themes for this year 2018, we have taken our time to find these minimal WordPress theme and it is the best collections of clean and minimal WordPress themes with very simple yet stylish designs.

We have collected these lots of themes in order to help you find the best simple, clean designs for your web ideas irrespective of your niche. These minimalist templates comes clean with very elegant looks making them usable for almost every niche you might think of.

For beginners and pro, the templates is easily editable, they all comes customizable allowing you to create something unique or your projects.

All this Best minimalist WordPress themes here are free to use, they are responsive across all browsers and if you are the type that wants it simple, then you will definitely find all of the minimal designs awesome and useful.

30 best minimalist WordPress themes

Simplicity is stylish

1. First Mag

Minmalist wordpress themes

2. Pine

Minmalist wordpress themes

3. Unlimited

Minmalist wordpress themes

4. StartUp Blog

Minmalist wordpress themes

5. Briar

Minmalist wordpress themes

6. Dazzling

Minmalist wordpress themes

7. Delish

Minmalist wordpress themes

8. MW Small

Minmalist wordpress themes

9. Azeria

10. Islemag

11. Lucida

12. Asterion

13. Verity

Minmalist wordpress themes

14. Belise Lite

15. XT Corporate lite

16. Veggie lite

17. EightLaw lite

18. Sanremo

19. Adney

20. NepalBuzz

21. bFastMag

22. Indie

23. Blaskan

24. Shapely

25. Activello

26. Astrid

27. Tora

28. Plumbelt Lite

29. Square

30. Olsen light

31. Gaga lite

32. Tempo

We hope you find these minimalist WordPress themes useful for your projects.

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