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50 Inspiring Logotype Design Ideas

Inspiring Logotype Design Ideas: Logotype are logos made wit typography, they go through special branding process that involves designing a company’s name in a creative and special way using type.

A few examples of the most prominent brand logotype designs includes Coca-cola, Google, FedEx, Visa, Yahoo. One this peculiar to all this logos is the fact that the companies names were formed into logos using newly invented fonts or typefaces.

This is the one big and simplest way to understand logotype designs, these type to logo designs are not done with a ready existing fonts there is always something peculiar about them and that peculiarity makes them stand out.

If I may ask? What is the name of the font Google uses in it’s logo?

Sincerely it has no known name except you will give it Alphabet because it was specially created in a new font.

Some logo designers sometimes start logotype designs on a preexisting font and later tailor it to a company’s branding need.

Also logotype designers can use geometric shapes combined with abstract letterings to project certain design effects, they then invoke cooperate identity properties like colours around it, this explains well the process of the logo design for Google.

Logotype designs don’t use icons or symbols, at least they don’t necessarily have to.

Logotype designs capitalises on the use of typography to create something effective which is a effective branding tool.

We have handpicked 50 Inspiring logotype designs to get you going in your logotype designs.

50 Inspiring Logotype Design Ideas

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